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Play Darts 1.0

A darts game with simple controls and nice sounds
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Camtech 2000

I think this is the only free Darts game with such a cool user interface. If you really love precision tests, you simply must download this game and keep it on your machine all the time. This game is very lightweight (it does not need more than 1 MB of space on your hard disk) and is easy to play.

This is a timed game. One needs to stop the vertical and horizontal scrollbars to set the aim. First, one needs to stop the vertical rolling scrollbar (setting the height of his shot) and then he needs to aim the horizontally by stopping another scrollbar. Though the documentation available for this game is quite scarce, the game is still easy to start playing. The game also plays various sounds to cheer you up while you are playing. The interactive sounds (those of darts, for instance), on the other hand, sound real enough for you not to be distracted. The game has 3 levels of difficulty, where the speed of scrollbars is increased to ensure that the game remains challenging. This game works under most of the Windows operating systems, including 98, ME, 2000 server and XP.

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  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Free


  • Not very entertaining
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